Women’s History Month

Author: Town Square

March 6, 2020

March is Women’s History Month. Town Square’s vision is to help develop a community that embodies peace and love. One of the things we know about any vision is that it stagnates when it lacks diversity. Visions flourish when we learn to de-center our power and privilege and create space for different perspectives and voices to be heard.

For 132 years, the United States held elections without considering the votes of women. While we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, we are also aware that as a country, we have spent more time not listening to women than we have listening. By and large, women in the US have an average annual salary that is 82% of that of men’s average salary. We still have not had a female president.

Setbacks and challenges seem to define the story of folks who have waited on the margins for their turn. We love spotlights that show us what folks have overcome, like the film Hidden Figures. We need those stories. We need to remember what was fought to appreciate the rights and spaces that are currently enjoyed by women.

But that’s only part of the story. We have to keep listening. Our country and our community face regular challenges daily. To progress as a community, we are continually asking “what should be done” or “where are we heading” or “how do we handle this.” This month, we want to encourage each of us to turn to the women in our community when we ask these questions.

We know from inspiring historical accounts that women have always been leading. Always. But too often, their leadership is celebrated decades later in books and movies and not benefited from and celebrated in the present. This month, we invite you to learn, to celebrate, to be curious, and have fun as we focus on the women in our community.

We kick off the month with a karaoke night on 3/13. We get curious about what local women are seeing, learning, and envisioning for our community on 3/17. We listen to the music being created by local women and their bands on 3/27. And close our the month by hearing the poetry of women on 3/30. (Keep your eyes peeled for our Facebook events this month to get more information).

We also have Single Speed’s “Hard Won Not Done” beer on tap, which is a celebration of 100 years of women’s suffrage. So come hang out with us, grab a beer, a book, or ask a wise woman to drop some truth for you. We want to invite you to help us celebrate women this month! Hope to see you here.