Producer Spotlight: Orange Creek Farms

Author: Town Square

February 7, 2020

We’re starting a new series that we’re calling “producer spotlights.” We’ll be introducing you to the people that produce the food we use on our menu so you can get to know the faces that provide your food. These are our neighbors, and they have remarkable stories.

Our first producer spotlight will be focused on Orange Creek Farms. They produce all of our pork and beef. When you get our burgers, bacon, or ham, it comes from them!

Orange Creek Farms first began when Bart and Rebekah Ver Mulm purchased an acreage outside of Orange City in 2010.

“We had little idea what we would be doing with the space or where our interests might lie.”

says Bart

In 2013, they began raising a few hogs and added a few steers. It started out as a small job they did on the side, but it slowly grew into something more. Once they started raising livestock, it became clear to Bart and Rebekah that this was important to them and something that they wanted to pursue further.

Soon, Orange Creek Farms became a family affair with the help of Bart’s parents, sister, and Bart and Rebekah’s children. They acquired more and more livestock until they outgrew their acreage in Orange City and moved to a farm in Rock Valley.

“In 2017, we became the version of Orange Creek Farms that operates today – a multi-generational family raising livestock to produce what we believe is the best meat in the region.”

Bart says

The location in Rock Valley better enabled the Ver Mulms to collect their resources and focus on the daily operations of the business. They also began participating in various farmer’s markets in the area, with great success. Orange Creek Farms currently serves over six markets in Sioux Falls, Omaha, and Okoboji.

The most important things for the Ver Mulms in their operations of Orange Creek Farms are quality, consistency, relationships, and supporting the small business community.

“We raise some of the best breeds of animals and that quality is reflected in the meat we sell. We strive to be consistent in the final product but also in the availability of all the products we offer.”

Bart says

The Ver Mulms put great emphasis on building a business that is centered around relationships with customers and the small businesses they work with.

“We try to focus on valuing the customer as an individual first and a potential sale second. We take time to discuss what’s going on with them, and how we can meet their needs as opposed to trying to simply gain a sale.”

Bart says

In addition to supplying their meat to local businesses like us, Orange Creek Farms also finds ways to incorporate local products into their own product. For example, they use honey from a vendor in Brookings, South Dakota, to use for their Honey BBQ Jerky and coffee from a vendor in Marion, South Dakota, for their Java Jerky.

While the Ver Mulms wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as “people persons,” they love building relationships with people who enjoy their products as much as they enjoy producing them and supporting the local economy.

“We really love what we do and see it as a way to invest in people we care about. It’s more than a job, and we hope to continue to grow to the point that we can look to invest our time just in this business as opposed to working off the farm.”

says Bart

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Orange Creek Farms. Their values align beautifully with our own, which is one of the reasons we love working with them so much! The relationship we have with them is something we treasure, and we believe their product is the best in the region.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the Ver Mulms. Hopefully, the next time you eat our pork or beef, you can appreciate it a little more with the knowledge of where it came from.