Who is Who

Author: Town Square

January 31, 2020

If you’re a regular at Town Square you probably have begun to recognize the people that work here, and maybe you’ve built relationships with some of them (also maybe you already know them). Whatever the case may be, we think it is important for you to know who is making your coffee and food. Throughout this post, we’ll be introducing you briefly to our really cool staff. Throughout the year, we’ll be posting a more in-depth blog about each employee. We hope you enjoy learning more about us!

This is Ashley. She’s one of our spectacular baristas. Ashley is a mom to two super cute kiddos, Lily and Meredith. 

This is Bailey. She’s also a barista. Bailey didn’t receive her schedule the first several times Steve sent it to her because he thought her last name was VanderWeerd. It’s not. Steve is Vander weird.

This is Ben. He’s the general manager of this establishment. Ben dipped his tortilla chips in ketchup this week. Ew.

This is Carter. He’s one of our newest baristas. Carter always has the trendiest of clothes and really loves bees!

This is Connor. He is a new cook in our kitchen. Connor is a guardsman in the National Guard and just completed basic training this past November. Connor was trained as a cook in the National Guard. 

This is Daniel. He is another one of our new cooks. You can always identify Daniel by his spiffy Hawaiian shirts. He also loves outer space and has a science podcast. Also…he makes pipes. So when you tell him stuff, he can write it down…and then literally put it in a pipe and smoke it.

This is Douglas. Douglas is our kitchen manager. That’s probably all he wants you to know about him. Like we want to tell you more but if we do he might poison our food and we all really like to eat the food he makes us.

This is Emily. She is the co-owner of this place and she’s also our baker. The delicious scones and cookies you get from us come from her. She got a chance to visit Peru last year with her brother and drank coffee so often people called her Señorita Cafe.

This is Hannah. Hannah cooks for us when she can and is generally the one who has to make pretzels cuz everyone keeps eating them. Hannah is a student at Dordt and is involved in the upcoming production of “EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL”.

We have another Hannah and this is her. Hannah is one of our newest baristas. She used to live in Grand Marais, MN so Steve spent like 20 minutes asking Hannah if she knew all the people Steve knows up north. She doesn’t.

This is Lexi. She’s a barista. Lexi is a member of Northwestern College’s Black V and has been known to refer to Elizabeth Warren as “Mom”. We don’t know what her real mom thinks about this.

This is Luci. Luci is one of our talented cooks. If you’ve ever enjoyed our North Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich then you’ve experienced a bit of Luci’s contribution to our menu! She recently got engaged so tell her “Congratulations!” next time you see her! 

This is Neftalí. She’s one of our new baristas. Catch her here on the weekends working and pretty much every other day in her spare time. She doesn’t like the smell of coffee, but for some reason, she still sticks around.

This is Paige. She is our full-time barista and has been with us since the Old Factory days. Paige has explained every menu item to every customer more times than any other employee. So like give her tips. Money tips. Not tips like “remember to drink water”. 

This is Shelby. She’s not like a regular barista, she’s a cool barista. She’s a good plant mom and once she made french toast for Bernie Sanders.

This is Steve. He’s the co-owner/operator of this joint. He’s not great at drinking water on the weekends so if you see him on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, remind him to hydrate so he doesn’t die-drate.

This is Suresh. Suresh is our weekend manager. He manages the weekends. If you came to our last concert you would know that Suresh is also a talented musician with the voice of an angel!

This is Sydney. She’s our marketing director. Sydney’s also really bad at drinking water on the weekends and could use as many reminders as she can get.

This is Trey. He helps us a ton with our dirty dishes on Thursdays and Fridays. He’s also really good at keeping us entertained and giving us some good scares!

This is Zach. He’s a barista here.  Steve has told Zach no less than 15 times that he is not allowed to jump over the GLASS pastry case. But Zach is persistent. Zach will ask again. Because who knows when Steve will forget to drink water and be too dehydrated to say no. Zach can only hope.

We hope you’ve gotten to know us a little better and we look forward to sharing more about each of our employees!

Stay strange, but don’t be a stranger.