Top 5 Ways to Utilize TS as a College Student

Author: Town Square

January 10, 2020

At Town Square, we see a diverse group of people who come in our doors. Being located in a small college town allows us to serve a unique population of students. We are fortunate to build relationships with many students and support them through their college careers.

We strive to be a spot that college students feel comfortable to do everything they need to do. As college students return and classes start back up again, we wanted to talk to some of our regulars to see what the best ways to use Town Square are to them.

Here’s what we found out:

1. Do homework 

Perhaps the most obvious way students like to come to Town Square is to work on their homework. At any point in the semester, it is likely to spot students in the zone with books, laptops, and papers surrounding them. 

One of these students is Kelsey, who says Town Square is her favorite place to study because of the aroma and the atmosphere. “The smell of coffee welcomes you when you enter the shop. That aroma is inviting. Everyone knows it. Indisputable fact,” Kelsey says. 

She also likes the variety of study spaces, “The booths are good for study dates with friends. Long tables are good for studying for tests where you need to layout all your notes. The loft is a good, secluded spot for reading and writing.” We’re happy to support college students in their academic careers, but that’s not all we have to offer them!

2. Escape homework

We think it’s important for students to study hard, but what we LOVE is to help distract students from their responsibilities! We do this in a variety of ways:

• Live music

• Boardgame nights

• Poetry slams

• Community discussions

• Video game nights

• Trivia nights

• And whatever other entertaining and weird activities we can come up with.

We’re always brainstorming unique events that will invite people to join in our community and have some fun (especially in the winter when everyone is sad). We love it when college students join us, and we hope to give them a sweet escape from their school work.

3. Earn some money

We also have several fantastic college students that work for us! It gets extra busy over here during the school year, so we get some extra help from our college employees. In his free time, Suresh (college student and Town Square employee) enjoys coming to the shop to study, spend time with friends, play games, listen to music and get some drinks.

He loves working with us due to the people he encounters, “It has been so great to have different interactions with many people with different lives and backgrounds, habits, interests, hobbies and jobs, but also different struggles.” Suresh says Town Square provides a space to step back from life on campus where everyone can get into similar routines. (We LOVE Suresh)!

4. Work on your own business

Another unique reason college students spend time with us is to work on their own businesses. College isn’t cheap, so several of our regular customers are college students and entrepreneurs. Kadence and Cole are current college students, but also run their own wedding photo and video businesses.

They joke that when they come in to work and drink coffee, they are “paying for their office space.” “It just happens to be an added bonus that this ‘office space’ has the best coffee in Northwest Iowa,” they said. Kadence and Cole love to use our shop as a place to work because, “It’s a space of diverse community and creativity, space where you can be yourself and express yourself.” 

5. Be in community 

The most beautiful way college students use our coffee shop is for community. Community can look like different things:

• Weekly breakfasts between friends

• First dates

• Reuniting with loved ones

• Catching up with old pals

• Supporting someone as they read their poetry or perform musically

The list could go on and on, but one thing that we will always emphasize is that everyone is welcome. Kadence and Cole say, “When we need a break, it’s the perfect space to relax and take your mind off of the busy nature of college life by grabbing a cup of coffee or a pint of beer and settling into the sense of belonging.” Suresh says, “Town Square is embracing and comfortable.”

Whatever reason college students choose to spend their time with us, we hope they always feel like they belong. We love you, college students, and we look forward to years of caffeinating and feeding you.