2020 Vision

Author: Town Square

January 3, 2020

Hello. Happy New Year!

It’s a new decade and an opportunity for each of us to reflect on who we are, where we are, and where we are heading.

Every day, the community that fills our seats and drinks our coffee is growing in diversity. From retirees to newborns, friends meeting up or folks using the space to work, first dates to break-ups, or just chillin as their full self. We are full of joy to serve people: whoever they are and wherever they are in their life’s journey.

For us, building a business is about building relationships. To continue creating and fostering an environment where connections can happen, we’ve identified a set of core values we want to embody. We know about what adjustments we need to make by checking our behavior, practices, and vision against these values.

Our values are:





Service is the foundation that sets a tone of humility and love.

We believe that respect for one another and our physical world leads us toward peace.

Hospitality is an open door, an extra seat at the table, an invitation to participate in life alongside one another.

And finally, community is the active shift from enemy-language to neighbor-love, isolation to engagement, shame to vulnerability, division to connection.

Our values build upon each other, guiding us toward our vision as we engage our mission daily.

Our vision is:

• To engage our reckless imaginations.

• To foster hope instead of fear.

• To rabble rouse apathy toward action.

• To see our sameness & celebrate our differences.

• To cultivate an atmosphere of respect and vulnerability in which relationships can develop into a community that embodies love and peace.

At Town Square, we hope for a community that embodies and experiences love and peace. We don’t believe this is some emotional pipe dream, but a tangible reality that takes long term work to experience.

A vision this big isn’t possible with solo efforts or a singular personality. We believe it takes a diverse group of committed individuals willing to share their creativity & imaginations, ready to act out of hope and curiosity, and willing to exemplify respect & show up authentically.

When we engage our core values and put them into practice daily, we are progressing together toward our shared vision. This daily practice of embodying our values and moving toward our vision is what forms our mission for Town Square:

We are committed to embodying our core values as we brew each cup, prepare every meal, converse & connect within a space open to all.

Our mission statement is built upon our core values. Our core values inform the way we show up and help lead us toward our vision.

At Town Square, we believe it is possible and vital to build our business relationally as opposed to transactionally. We hope that Town Square has been and will continue to be a part of your life and our community.

As we live into this next decade, we aim to have integrity. We strive to embody our values daily and participate in building toward our vision alongside our neighbors in everything we do.