We got that Local Stuff

Author: Town Square

December 20, 2019

As a customer of Town Square, you may have noticed over the years that we have a few things that are pretty important to us. Our mission is to embody our core values as we brew each cup, prepare every meal, converse & connect within a space open to all

What are those core values?

The four we strive to live into most are:




• and Service

An integral part of our business that encapsulates each of our values is our commitment to sourcing our products locally. At Town Square, we have been developing our menu over the last five years. We are continually improving our main dishes and experimenting with new flavors to offer our customers our very best. Relationships are at the core of everything we do and the center of all our conversations when making decisions.

We have met so many folks along the way who have helped us create the menu you hold in your hands. Items made up of entirely locally sourced products fill each section. We believe supporting local farmers is good for our community, and the best-tasting food comes from local folks who are producing for their neighbor’s table. That’s also why we are so proud to exclusively brew coffee from Duluth Coffee Company. Our friends up north are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality coffee while also centering the families that produce it.

Thank you for choosing to spend your money here. We know our prices are higher than our competitors, but we want you to see the impact of your dollar. When you spend $3 more on a burger at Town Square, you support families and businesses from Northwest Iowa. 

The Ver Mulm Family in Rock Valley, IA

The Gabel Family in Orange City, IA

The Musser Family in Milton, IA

(and if you add an egg)

The Van Donge Family in Sioux Center, IA

To see a more extensive list of all of our local* products and where we get it, check out the list below! 

BAGELS | Brad’s Corner Bakery (Orange City, IA)

BREAD | Valley Bakery (Rock Valley, IA – 26 mi)

CHEESE | Milton Creamery (Milton, IA – 341 mi.)

COFFEE | Duluth Coffee Company (Duluth, MN – 386 mi)

TORTILLA CHIPS | La Patrona Tortilliaria (Sioux Center, IA – 12 mi)

EGGS | Van Donge Poultry (Sioux Center, IA – 12 mi)

HONEY | Boernsen’s Bees (Ocheyedan, IA – 51 mi)

GARLIC | Tailored Fox Farms (Orange City, IA)

JAM | West Branch Elderberries (Orange City, IA)

MEAT | Orange Creek Farms – pork & beef (Rock Valley, IA – 26 mi.)

MILK | Burbach’s Countryside Dairy (Hartington, NE – 93 mi)

Each purchase you make at Town Square extends far beyond just our business and into our local and state economy–and that helps all of us, including you. So thanks again for investing in your community every time you pop in! 

*There is currently no agreed-upon distance to define the term local. To be as transparent as possible, we have included the miles from our shop each producer is located.